Maverick MX-3 Check Encoder


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The MX-3 is the newest generation of compact, robust, and reliable MICR encoders. The MX-3 is a low cost encoding solution for your daily low to medium volume exception item processing.

The MX-3 is the next generation MICR III encoder. With several new enhancements, this new MX-3 model is not only twice as fast as the MICR III, it still allows you to program functions directly though the keyboard and begin encoding with minimal operator training.

Quickly service your exception needs such as temporary checks, lobby deposits, counter checks, ledger, header cards, repair items and much, much more with our new MX-3 series MICR encoder.

We will program your MX-3 to meet your exact needs! When you new MX-3 arrives just plug it in and you are ready to encode! Please call us today to discuss your exception item encoding needs!


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