Martin Yale Mark VII High Speed Air Feed Pro Series Automatic Paper Folder


Overview: Martin Yale MK VII AutoFolder 

The Martin Yale Mark VII AirFeed Paper Folding Machine is a high-speed paper-folding machine that is capable of folding up to 35,000 sheets per hour. It is built for fulfilling the requirements of large office print shops and associations with highly demanding folding projects. With its variable speed control for high production the Mark VII AirFeed is one of the best auto folders available in the market. The Martin Yale MK VII AutoFolder has a feed capacity of 300 sheets and supports paper weight of about 16lb to 100 lbs.

Martin Yale Mark VII is equipped with a LED folder counter for keeping an eye on the folding operations taking place and adjustable fold rollers which help in easy paper folding. Moreover, the Mark VII AirFeed consists of removable cartridges for perforating and/ or scoring for convenience in the folding tasks. The Martin Yale MK VII AutoFolder consists of a manual adjust sheet separator which provides easy paper folding operations. The manual paper guide and skew adjustment in the Mark VII AirFeed are used for customized folding processes. Capable of making different fold types, the Mark VII AirFeed Paper Folding Machine is a top class choice for the most demanding business environments. Displaying excellence in quality and performance, the Martin Yale Mark VII Paper Folding Machine is an exceptional tool for simplifying work place activities