Duplo UJ-500AS Anti-Static Air Jogger


The perfect companion for printing and post-printing equipment, the Docucate UJ-500AS Air Jogger maximizes paper jogging efficienty for documents loaded into collators, folders, cutters, and much more.

The UJ-500AS Anti-Static Air Jogger is the perfect companion to printing and post-printing equipment as it efficiently jogs paper stacks and reduces static electricity on documents loaded into collators, folders, cutters, and much more. Prior to loading into a printer or collator, jogging paper stacks with the UJ-500AS noticeably reduces paper feed errors such as miss and double feed. A unique vibration system and ionized air-assisted blowing effectively reduces static electricity and ink residue or set-off, while efficiently jogging paper, aligning edges and quickly drying wet ink. Jogging strength and air volume are adjustable according to paper quantity and quality and the UJ-500AS can operate in various settings such as air only, jogger only, reset timer operation, and a time interval difference mode which continuously jogs stacks for a preset period after the air has stopped. With a small footprint and easily portable, the UJ-500AS is deal for any printing or post-printing work environment.