Audio Authority 1500 Series Intercom System


Audio Authority's new Series 1500 family of intercom products is the culmination of extensive research and our many years of experience in voice and video application requirements for contemporary communications between remote points.

Three basic products (Counter Stations, Lane Stations, and Hubs) can be grouped with several accessories to form a robust communication system for drive-up bank and pharmacy lanes, fast food, distribution facilities, secure access and portal control, and many other communication and customer service applications.

Systems Basics

All Audio Authority® Intercom products connect to each other using one standard Category 5 cable that carries all the audio, video and control signals for the system. Cat 5 is easily terminated in the field, and Plenum rated Cat 5 cable is readily available if required for the installation. The robust architecture of the system allows Cat 5 cable runs of up to 1,000 feet - from a Counter Station, through the Hub and out to a Lane Station.

Series 1500 Counter Stations use an entirely new type of keypad. Our touch-sensitive keypad is intuitive, easy to use, and there are no moving parts to wear out. The keypad can be easily configured for the specific application, using the supplied color inserts.

Each Counter Station is configurable at installation, so different sized systems can be configured using one basic model. An audio-only Counter Station may easily be upgraded to an audio/video Counter Station. Adding Counter Stations or lanes is also easy to do. This flexibility means that you can offer your customers an extremely wide range of configurations, while managing your inventory efficiently by stocking one model of Counter Station, along with the Video Add-on Display, the Lane Station, and the basic Hub with expansion cards.


***This kit includes set-up for 4 tellers and 4 lanes - Call for pricing on your custome set-up***