Service after the sale is where B & B excels. We are very appreciative for the opportunity to be your preferred service provider and are proud of being in business for more than 30 years. We understand that the only way we can remain in business is to ensure that our customers are well taken care of.

A number of our current clients sought us out because they were disappointed by the overpriced invoices as well as the level of service and response time they received from other service providers. Have you been told that your current equipment can’t be repaired due to unavailable parts? While this may certainly be the case, condemning an older piece of equipment as being obsolete is a tactic commonly used to sell you a new product. Give us a call first! We can likely repair your older equipment and will not try to sell you something that you do not need!

Our goal is to provide our customers; which include banks, credit unions, churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, small businesses, and large corporations with the most cost efficient, timely, honest, and knowledgeable service available.

We offer prompt, professional service at competitive prices. Our certified factory-trained technicians have over 200 years of combined experience. We know how to repair your equipment, and do it right the first time.

Service Options

On-Site Service

We have several offices located throughout Texas, allowing us to provide on-site service to a wide geographical area. We offer a quick response time (usually within eight hours). Our goal is to get your equipment operational as soon as possible.

Maintenance Agreements

We offer annual maintenance agreements for all of the products we carry, as well as most existing equipment that you may already own. Our maintenance agreements include two service inspections annually for cleaning, adjusting and lubricating equipment as well as any service required in between inspections. Under our maintenance agreements, all travel, parts, and labor are covered (this does however exclude consumables).

Depot Service

Our depot repair options help you effectively manage repair costs. For equipment that can be shipped to our Depot Repair Center, our factory trained, expert service team will make it a priority to clean, repair, and test your equipment to ensure optimal performance levels. This is especially convenient to our customers outside of our on-site service area.

Equipment Listing

Below is a partial listing of equipment that we repair and maintain. If you don’t see your equipment listed below, that doesn’t mean that we cannot repair it. Please give us a call and speak to a technician to determine if we are able to service your equipment and if our services are the right fit for your needs.

Check Scanners

  • Panini, Canon, Unisys, Tellerscan

Check Encoders

  • Maverick, Standard Register, Timec, USA, Brandt

Currency Counters

  • Cassida, Like, Magner, Cummins, Semacon, Toshiba, Lidix, Amrotec, Glory, Brandt, Billcon, ProCoin, QDS, Shinwoo, See-Tech, Kisan, Toyocom

Coin Counters & Wrappers

  • Magner, Scan Coin, Reis, Cummins, Brandt

Drive-Up Remote Teller Systems

Commercial Deal Drawers

Night Depositories

Vault Doors

Teller Audio Systems

Teller Video Systems

CCTV Security Equipment

Check Signers

Document Scanners

  • Panasonic, Canon, Fujitsu



  • Intimus, Formax, Schleicher, Fellowes, GBC, DestroyIt, Dahle, Olympia, Kobra


Letter Openers

Paper Cutters

On-Site Repairs

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